"Four Star Better Than A Five Star"

Castle is a magnificent & stunning sight, they've managed to add on to the original stonework in ways that compliment the castle atmosphere rather than diminish it. Sitting areas on each floor are a nice alternative to the lobby seating which can get rather crowded rather quickly. An ideal place to stay with children or your extended family, it quickly becomes apparent why many people choose Clontarf as their location for weddings, celebrations, etc. The castle rooms, lobbies, hallways do look luxurious but they just FEEL peaceful and homey. I also stayed at the Four Seasons during this excursion and while yes there is a reason to pay more to experience their extreme level of luxury, it just didn't feel as comfortable and friendly as the Clontarf, rather more businesslike and isolating. When I go back to Dublin again, I'll be going to Clontarf, a place I can relax & feel comfortable chatting for a few hours with their Concierge Michael Byrne, who actually messaged me weeks after the castle to see how things were going. Lovely.

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