Clontarf Castle Historical Walks

Clontarf Castle can arrange the most interesting local historical walks or coach/bus tours.

  • The tour is available only upon pre-booking
  • The tour runs on Sundays anytime and weekdays after 7 pm in the summer.
  • The tour is conducted by local historian Mr. Dennis McIntyre.
  • The cost is €10 per person.

Clontarf is one of the most historically rich areas in Dublin–indeed in Ireland or any country.

Places, events and people that combine to form Clontarf’s fascinating story include:

  1. Clontarf cemetery and St. Comgall’s church dating from 550
  2. Brian Boru, the Vikings and the 1014 Battle of Clontarf
  3. Clontarf Castle, dating from 1172 and the Normans
  4. Lord Charlemont (1728-1799) and the Casino
  5. Daniel O’ Connell and the Clontarf Monster Meeting that never was
  6. Clontarf’s Captain Weldon and the escape of Fenian/IRB leader James Stephens in 1866
  7. Bram Stoker (1847-1912) Dracula and The Crescent
  8. The Bull Island and Captain William Bligh (of “Muting of the Bounty” fame)
  9. The Guinness family (Lord Ardilaun) and St Anne’s Park
  10. Furry Park House-the Promenade-the trans of yesteryear-Clontarf’s 6 churches-the clubs-the schools
  11. Clontarf’s major role in the birth of the Republic of Ireland are:
    • The 1914 Howth gunrunning. 
    • The January 1916 meeting of the Supreme Council of the IRB in Clontarf Town Hall (old St Anthony’s church) to decide to “in fact” rise out.

Historical Talks

Clontarf Castle can facilitate or provide fascinating historical talks on many topics such as:

  1. General History of the Clontarf area
  2. Bram Stoker and Dracula
  3. Brian Boru and the 1014 Battle of Clontarf
  4. The Guinness Family and St Anne’s Park
  5. The Bull Island

All arrangements can be made by our Concierge Team. Please email