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More than a sprinkle of magic…

Clontarf Castle is one of a kind. It has seen generations of stories played out within its ancient walls. But how do you tell all those stories? How do you capture all those layers of rich history and intrigue that make this Castle Hotel so wonderfully eccentric, truly magical and uniquely special? Dig a little deeper of course…

It’s the people who have lived, loved and laughed at Clontarf Castle that have shaped our story. From Brian Boru, to the Vernons, to Handel, to the Clontarf Castle team, to the locals, all these characters are part of our rich history and our new adventures.

It’s through the interesting use of bespoke illustrations, that Clontarf Castle’s story comes alive. From the noble Brian Boru, to the majestic Lions, the menacing gargoyles and the magnificent Castle façade.

Our illustrations have brought to life the truly magical tale of Clontarf Castle Hotel….